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Laundroroom Overview

A decade ago Chennaites didn't crave for "Quality Time" as much as they do today. With changing lifestyles, tighter and more demanding work schedules today's Chennaite work hard to spend more time with their loved ones. Chennai today is also home to an ever-growing floating IT population, thanks to the booming IT economy and the availability of plentiful jobs in this sector. As the city grows bigger each day quality domestic labour becomes a premium not to forget "quality water" which has always been a perennial demand of this city.

So, shouldn't the simple yet boring chore of "washing clothes" be simplified to help this "I'm-so-busy" and "don't-have-time" Chennaite?

Enter Laundr O room, Chennai's first laundrette.

We ask you only 60 minutes and avail the SELF SERVICE, to have your laundry*, completely washed clean and dried.

Laundroroom has branched into (Home pickup and drop services). Download our app, Sign up and pay for the packages in app or via this site and order a Home pickup right from the comfort of your home.

And if you are quality conscious rest assured, because we soften the water before using it on your valuable clothes and unlike Dhobi we will not mix your laundry with those of others.